A popular half sea-elven opera singer


Shensen led a vibrant adventuring life before coming to settle in Cheliax. A fervent follower of Sarenrae, the 1/2 elven firebrand dreams of a Thrune free Cheliax where all citizens may enjoy freedom, love and the arts.

Currently, she is one of the most popular opera singers in Kintargo though many of her plays and performances tread a fine line of insurrection. Aside from singing, her performances include acrobatics, swordsmanship and cutting reparte.


Shensen enjoys a fine life, one of luxury and admirers, but many do not know of her secrets dealings with black marketers and secret societies of goodly aligned faiths who strive to keep Kintargo free of Cheliax might.

Although friendly, artistic, and quick-witted, Shensen is prone to impulsive choices and emotional outbursts. She’s easily distracted by things of beauty, particularly brightly colored reptiles and exquisite swords. Her faith is strong, but her true devotions are to her friends, her pet dinosaur, her art, her vices, and her political cause—things that often put her at odds with the tenets of her faith. She enjoys long swims in the open ocean and is particularly frightened of gorillas.


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