Korva Fushi

The leader of the Fushi Sisters


Korva and her sisters – Jay, Maggie and Treep – aren’t evil, but they are scared,
reactionary, and more than a little angry.


Unknown to Laria, Nan Comerivos’s latest shipment
of Varisian scarves and skirts was a cover—his actual
“shipment” was a family of tengu sisters who sought to
escape a prison sentence in Riddleport. Nan accepted
payment to smuggle them into Cheliax, expecting to
pass them along to another contact to fnish their trip
to Westcrown. Kintargo’s unexpected lockdown and the
arrest of Nan’s contact lef everyone stuck and uneasy.
When the merchant fnally returned to tell the sisters
they were on their own, they beat him unconscious in
frustration, and their overeager “half sister” Chough (an
adopted dire corby) strangled him in his sleep. Now the
sisters are aimless. They haven’t yet dared risk escaping
through the coffeehouse above, and the denizen in the
waters of area C2 has kept them from striking out into
the sewers. For now, as long as food continues to be lef
in area C1, the sisters are content to wait, but they know
that eventually either the food will run out or someone
will come looking for them. As their adopted dire
corby Chough grows ever more violent and the sisters
number fewer and fewer, desperation has fnally settled
in. Depending on which tactic the PCs take, they may be
able to recruit the surviving sisters as their frst unique
team for the Silver Ravens, or they might end up with
a desperate fght for the control of the Wasp Nest on
their hands.

Korva Fushi

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